A Bucket of Meat for the Holiday Season

A Bucket of Meat for the Holiday Season


A Bucket of Meat for your man/women for the hoilday season! A delcious bucket filled with cured and smoked meat, antipasto goods, jam and more.

This holiday bucket includes:

- German Beef Landenjagers

- Double Smoked Beef Pepperettes

- Extra Lean Turkey Pepperettes

- Hickory Smoked Beef Pepperettes

- Hungarian Beef Csabai

- Italian Cacciatore

- Portuguese Chroizo

- Italian Soppressata

- Mennonite Summer Salami

- Italian Casalingo

- 2 Soft Cheeses (Brie - regular Brie - Cranberry)

- Garlic & Olive Oil Breadsticks

- Cinnamon Toasted Penauts

- Chocolcate (Twix or Penaut M&Ms)

- Mini Strawberry Jam

- Mini Panettone

- Flame Roasted Red Peppers

- Peeled Roasted Chestnuts




Palgrave, Ontario

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