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Albion Hills Farm

Albion Hills is a family-based, handcrafted cured and smoked meat company.  Influenced by old European traditions, Sam Giuliano began to indulge his lifelong dream of agriculture and the ancient art of drying and curing meats in 1966. 

 At a young age of only 10 years old, Sam began learning the business one step at a time. Working at small family owned companies, this young boy's vision began to build.


At the age of 14, Sam wed his life long partner Graziella and shortly after began to build their kingdom. Sam recruited his own blood line to grow the family business and teach his kids the ropes in hope that one day they would be the second generation to carry on Albion Hills Farm hand crafted meats.

 The family business decision-making is now influenced by multiple generations of a family where our mission is to provide quality cured and smoked meets to the local communities. Our specialty salami varieties are carefully crafted to insure the highest quality and taste possible while practicing the ancient art of temperature and humidity throughout the room by opening and shutting windows, Mediterranean sea salts and plenty of love and care. 

As we pass through another generation, we have not forgotten that our business is built, one customer at a time, one product at a time.

Find us at local Farmers Markets throughout the GTA and come celebrate good hard honest work- the work done by the hands of your neighbours.

We can’t wait to share our family recipes with you!  

“Farming is a profession of hope” 

- Brian Brett -